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Functional Curtain Tracks

Add-on rail

Wire type hanger



  • The Picture Rail W-2 is suitable for residences, allowable load of 15 kg (33 Ib).
  • Beautiful design, inside of the rail can not be seen.
  • Available optional parts to “put,” “hook,” and “hang” small goods as well as pictures.

How to Use Picture Rail W-2

W-2 + W Hook 15-A + Hanger 15

Entrances— Space-saving Picture Rail, available decorating paintings, photographs, flower arrangements, etc. even in a small room.

W-2 + W Hook 15-A + Hanger 15

Living Rooms—Hang plants to redecorate the living room. Lightly adopt the seasonal feeling.

Picture Rail W-2

The Picture Rail optimum for residences by installing brackets with allowable load of 15 kg (33 Ib). Compact design, mounting screws can not be seen, and can install clearly at the end of ceiling.

Bracket W-2 + W Hook 15-A

Universal Bracket W-2 + W Hook 15-A



Installation Interval and Allowable Load

  • Plural hooks can be hung when the total allowable load is within 15 kg (33 lb) and the interval between hooks is 1 m (39″) or less.
  • Even when hanging a picture with two hangers, the allowable load is 15 kg (33 lb) at maximum. If unexpected trouble occurs during installation, the whole load may tilt to one side and cause a major accident. Remember that the maximum allowable load for a single hanger applies even when hanging a picture with two hangers.
  • While more than one picture can be hung, we recommend that you allow a sufficient space between pictures (more than 1 m/39″) to prevent collisions between picture frames during earthquakes, etc.

Allowable Load of the Picture Rail / Hooks / Hangers (Table 1)

Product NameInstallation Method
Wall Attachment
HooksW-215 kg (33 lb) *1
Allowable LoadW Hook 15-A15 kg (33 lb)
Mono Hook 10-A10 kg (22 lb)
Mono Hook 5-A5 kg (11 lb)
Parts Allowable Load RailMultifarious Rack 3005 kg (11 lb)
Accessories Tray 3003 kg (6.6 lb)
Hangers Allowable LoadHanger 1515 kg (33 lb)
Interior HangerWire A10 kg (22 lb)
Cord A2 kg (4.4 lb)

Installation Method

Ceiling Attachment

Install for the Rail

Hook the rail to the groove of the bracket.
Push the rail until it snapped fit

Install for the Hook

Insert the hook into the groove under the rail
push in the wall direction

Remove for the Rail

Lift the rail upward.
Pull the bottom of the rail in front and remove the rail.

Install for the Accessories Tray 300

Insert the Accessories Tray 300 into the groove under the rail
and push in the wall direction.

Install for the Multifarious Rack

Simultaneously insert the left and right hook parts into the groove under the rail
Push in the wall direction

Installation Dimensions and Installation Example

Materials and Finishes

Rail W-2WhiteAluminum alloy
extrusion material
Alumite white
End Stop W-2WhitePolypropylenewhite
Universal Bracket
HookW Hook 15-AWhiteZinc die castwhite
Mono Hook 10-AAluminum die cast
Mono Hook 5-AZinc die cast
Tray 300
BodyWhiteAluminum alloy
extrusion material
Alumite white
Side CapRigid polyethylene
Rack 300
BodySilverSUS 304
Fixing partsAluminum die castSilver
TubeVinyl Chloride Resin
Hanger 15WireWhiteStainless wire
φ1.5 mm
(SUS 304)
HookZinc die cast
Hanger 15 Hook
WhiteZinc die castwhite

Unique Features


Product NameColor
Add-on rail for wall

Attaches to a wall in its existing condition.




Three types of hook are available in the dedicated W series.


Available two types accessories.


Available two types accessories.

Parts List

Product NameColorProduct Code
Picture Rail W-2
1,000 mm (39″)White30005733
2,000 mm (79″)30005724
3,000 mm (118″)30005725
End Stop W-2
Bracket W-2
Universal Bracket W-2

Product NameColorProduct Code
W Hook 15-AWhite02620169
Mono Hook 10-A

*Not available for hangers.
Mono Hook 5-A

*Not available for hangers.
Accessories Tray 300

Multifarious Rack 30030006333
Hanger 15
1,000 mmWhite00470028
2,000 mm (79″)00470029
Hanger 15 Hook

Number of Components

Installation AreaRailEnd StopBracketSplice
2,000 mm3,000 mm
Up to 1 m (39″)123
Up to 2 m (79″)125
Up to 3 m (118″)128
Up to 4 m (157″)22101
Up to 5 m (197″)112121

See features and optional functions in detail in the catalog