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New Test 25/35/50/ 25T/35T/50T



Electric blinds for office

Cross section

New in test 25/35/50…… Lifting cord specifications
New in test 25T・35T・50T…… Lifting tape specifications

Lifting and rotation are controlled by one motor

A single motor controls the lifting and rotation of the slat.

Excellent quietness

Smooth operation and quietness have been achieved by using a silent type motor.

All 76 colors of slats

Of these, the heat shield slats are compatible with 65 colors.

Supports automatic control

By adopting a compact head box, it is possible to reduce the folding margin when the blind rises. Three types of switches are available to enable control according to the usage situation. When combined with Icont (main controller), automatic control and schedule control that realize a slat angle linked with the sun angle from sunrise to sunset are possible.

Available size


product nameSplash widthAvailable sizeMaximum area
Minimum integrated area per unit
New Test 25/25T25 mm1,000-4,000 mm480-5,000 mm12㎡4㎡
New Test 35/35T35 mm
New Test 50/50T50 mm

Structural drawing


Switch operation


■ For N single switch IB

<Method of operation>● OPEN switch: Used to open (raise) the entire horizontal blind.● STOP switch: Used to stop the entire horizontal blind.● CLOSE switch: Used to lower (lower) the entire horizontal blind.● Angle OPEN switch: Used to rotate the horizontal blind slats in the forward direction.● Angle horizontal switch: Used to move the horizontal blind slats horizontally.●Angle CLOSE switch: Used to reverse the slat of the horizontal blind in the forward direction.
<control>Single operation, simultaneous operation

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