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Functional Curtain Tracks

Smooth rollers

Ceiling Attachment

Unique Features and Applications


  • Rollers assure smooth operation even with heavy curtains.
  • Manual, cord draw and motor operation are possible.
  • Can also be used for skylights, curved rails, IV bottles and picture rails.

Smooth opening and closing with grooves for rollers and Traverse Cords.

Motor operation using a curtain motor is another choice.
Extremely convenient for use with wide curtains or curtains located in high positions, and for opening and closing heavy curtains

Useful as picture rail.

Ceiling Attachment

Wall Attachment

A wide range of IV rail parts are available.

A wide range of IV rail parts are available.

The Roller is designed to automatically lock with the weight of an IV bottle and to effectively reduce noise.

A wide range of cord-draw parts for Curved, Skylight and Overlap Rails are available.

As well as a regular cord draw, cord draws with special specifications can also be installed without any difficulty.
Convenient cord-draw parts kits are also available.

・Cord Draw Parts Kit for Curved Rail
・Cord Draw Parts Kit for Skylight
*Supertrac Rail, Roller and Traverse Cord (3.5 mm/138″) are not included.

・Cord Draw Parts Kit for Overlap Rail
*Supertrac Rail, Roller, Traverse Cord (3.5 mm/ 138″), Tension Pulley and installation screws are not included.


For Curved Rail

Cord Draw Parts Kit for Curved Rail

For Skylight

Cord Draw Parts Kit for Skylight
Sewing Method for Skylight Curtains
  • French seams to insert pipes should be 20–25 mm (.79″–.98″).
  • Intervals between rollers should be of equal width and over 500 mm (20″) except for Skylight Master Rollers (240–250 mm/9.4″–9.8″).
  • Curtain width is the same size (Width + 60 mm/2.4″) as the pipe

Materials and Finishes

RailAluminumAluminum alloy extrusion materialAlumite
WheelPolyester elastomer
Oval ringStainless steel
End CapPlateSteelSilver Alumite
Spring plateBainitic steel
BracketBodyAluminumSilver Alumite

Bracket Installation Interval and Allowable Curtain Load


Installation Dimensions


Ceiling Attachment

Direct attachment

(Roller used) *23 mm (.91″) if an OM roller is used

Direct attachment

(Swing Roller with Ring used)

Direct attachment

(Swing Roller with  Hook used)

Ceiling Single Bracket

See features and optional functions in detail in the catalog