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Functional Curtain Tracks

Smooth rollers

Wave Style



New Delac with Wave Components

Smooth rollers

  • The Wave Style creates a feeling of naturally flowing fabric.
  • The curtains are draped in gentle waves about 1.5 times the width of window, resulting in a continuity of pattern and texture.
  • There is a natural wave in the curtains at intervals of 80 mm (3.2″).
  • With its tape and accessories, it creates natural, elegant symmetrical waves.

*Pleating cord keeps waves evenly shaped, making the curtain rich and stylish.

Wave Style Structure


  • Even number of hooks used in all cases.
  • Rollers spaced at 80 mm (3.2″) intervals to produce waves.
  • Both left and right sides of curtains always end in troughs

*To make appealing wave style curtains, use Flat Tape and Pleating Cord.

*Fabrics with soft weft threads and stiff warp threads such as plain weaves are advisable (Blackout fabrics are not recommended).


Materials and Finishes

Rail Section

RailSilverAluminum alloy extrusion materialAlumite
UmberAlumite umber
BlackAlumite black
WhiteAlumite white
Warm WhiteAlumite warm white
RollerNuturalHigh density polyethylene
Pleating CordWhiteCord: Chemical fiber
Bush: Polyacetal

Bracket Installation Interval and Allowable Curtain Load


Wave Style Components

Caps Dimension

Wave Style Roller and Pleating Cord Installation


Insert the Pleating Cord into the New Delac Wave Style Roller.

Wave Style Curtain


How to Sew Curtain with Flat Tape

The Flat Tape for finishing the curtain wave appropriately.

How to Sew Curtain with Weight Tape

Put the Weight Tape in the curtain hem makes a appropriate curtain wave. The Weight Tape is flexible, so it will be finished in a natural wave.

Curtain Baton (Option)


Using the Curtain Baton, the curtain opens /closes smoothly. The Curtain Baton has the following effects, keep the shape of the curtain and prevent dirt.

Installation Dimensions


Ceiling Attachment

Wall Attachment

Parts List

Product NameProduct Code
New Delac Wave Style Roller Set (100 m)   00210355
Flat Tape 75 mm (50 m)    00400115
Flat Adjustable Hook 75 mm (300 pcs)  00340246
Product NameProduct Code
Weight Tape Stainless 14 (100 m)   30004957
Curtain Baton A White 450 mm (18″)30010767
700 mm (28″)30010768
900 mm (35″)30010769
1,200 mm (47″)30010770
1,500 mm (59″)30010771

See features and optional functions in detail in the catalog