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Decorative Curtain Tracks


Exceptionally quiet



Unique Features

Motorized wooden blinds

Two separate motors for lift/lowering and tilting operations.

Two motors allow you to control lift/lowering and tilting operations separately. With the five-button switch, a meticulous slat control is possible (see the right). A synchronous motor for a tilting operation enables two or more blinds to keep the same slat degree.

A Wide Variety of Slats and Ladder Tapes

12 colors of 50 mm (2.0″) Slats and 15 colors of Ladder Slats are available.

Bigger than ever

Up to 2400 mm (94″) in width, 2960 mm (117″) in height and 6 m² (7.2 yd²) in area.

Automatic safety stop

The blind stops automatically when the bottom rail touches an obstruction.

Exceptionally quiet

A smooth and quiet operation without grating noise.

No troublesome wiring

Designed to select simultaneous and select operations without using any optional parts.

Easy height adjustment

Its easy height adjustment function allows you to set the same bottom position of two or more blinds.

Dimensions and Color Options


Product NameVenewood AT 50 T
Ladder Tape Type
Venewood AT 50
Ladder Cord Type
Slat Width50 mm (2.0″)
Product Width1000–2400 mm (39–94″)
Product Height500–2960 mm (20–117″)
Maximum Area6 m² (7.2 yd²) or less

Number of Bracket

Product Name 1000– 1200 mm (39–47″) 1210– 1600 mm (48–63″) 1610– 2300 mm (63–91″) 2310– 2400 mm (91–94″)
Number 2 3 4 5

Motor Specifications

Power Source VoltageVAC 100
StandbyW1 or less
Operating VoltageVDC 12
Operating ConsumptionmA40 or less
Temperature Range
°C0–50 (without condensation)
Rated TimeminContinuous (Opening/closing)
5 (Lifting/lowering)
Average Operating Timesec/m29

Note: AC 100 V only.


Stack-up Height
Venewood AT 50 T
Ladder Tape Type
Venewood AT 50
Ladder Cord Type
H X 0.1 + 127 mm (5.0″)H X 0.1 + 127 mm (5.0″)
Product Weight
W 2000 mm (79″) X H 2000 mm (79″): 17 kg (37.5 lb)
W 2000 mm (79″) X H 3000 mm (118″): 19 kg (42 lb)

Structure Drawing


No.Product NameMaterials/SpecificationsColor
Head RailAluminumSilver
Side CoverMolded resinNatural
Ladder Cord, Ladder TapeChemical fiber
Lift TapeChemical fiberWhite
Bottom RailBasswood
Power SupplyVCTF 0.75 X 2C (1 m/39″)White
Connecting CordAWG 24 X 6C (0.3 m/12″)White
Bottom CoverZinc die-casting

Installation Dimensions & Diagram


Structure Drawing


Single Operation (3-Button)

Basic wiring Diagram

Basic connecting Diagram

Simultaneous Operation (3-Button)

FM Remote-Control Receiver 2.4G

Basic wiring Diagram

Basic connecting Diagram

Single Operation (5-Button)

Simultaneous Operation (5-Button)

See features and optional functions in detail in the catalog

Wood Slit Color List

Ladder Tape List

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